DOORS 9.6.1 goes 64 bit


IBM has released the 9.6.1 version of “classic” DOORS & Web Access. The Fix list has quite a lot of fixes implemented and this release has also some new functionality:

  •  Support for Microsoft Word macros during document generation in RRDG.
  •  Separate login configuration options in the database properties interface.
  •  Increased auditing capabilities of login history
  •  Support for Windows 8.1.

But maybe the greatest change is hidden in the installation instuctions:

  • “The Rational DOORS 9.6.1 client and interoperation server now support 64-bit Windows. There is no support for 32 bit.”
  • “The Rational DOORS Web Access 9.6.1 server now supports 64-bit Windows and Linux. There is no support for 32 bit.”

So, only 64 bit Windows client is included in the installation package.

In addition to the above, also a DOORS Next Generation version was released. The new 5.0.2 includes some new functionality, e.g. inserted document preview. The previous version of DNG (5.0.1) was only a fix release.